An inclusion consultancy for equal opportunities

Inspiring Inclusion provides training on a wide range of special educational needs. 

We give teachers specific tips and tools to inspire all individuals with a love of learning and overcome previous learning barriers. 


Courses available

Assessment and diagnosis
Communication and literacy
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Sensory disorders
Attachment Disorder
Bereavement and Loss
Transition primary to secondary

Professor & Students


Feedback from James Denby, lecturer at ITEps where I recently delivered a training session on Sensory Processing Disorder, 'Our student teachers are incredibly receptive to Katie's ideas both because of the way she delivers them and because of her clear passion for the topic. She makes clear connections between 'ideas' about inclusion (e.g., the theories and goals of inclusion) and the strategies used in classrooms by real teachers with real students to ensure the best possible education for all students.'