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Overview of Courses

Courses can be delivered on site and delivered in one-off courses after school or as an INSET, or as a programme to provide a more detailed course over a couple of days or weeks at your convenience.

Courses can be tailored to the specific needs of your students and teachers. Use the contact form to ask for more information today.


Assessment and Diagnosis

A look at the pros and cons of a formal assessment of need, methods of assessment, and ways to effectively use this student data.

Communication and literacy

A course covering a range of communication disorders, such as dyslexia, mutism or Specific Communication Impairement: Courses can be tailored to the needs of the students in your school.

Communication affects all areas of learning and so it should be a priority to focus on enabling students to understand their individual needs and how they can work with this aspect of themselves rather than against it.

The course will provide you with ideas and tools to overcome communication disorders which can be applied easily and effectively in classrooms across primary and secondary education.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

An insight into how to support students with ASD. Information on how girls and boys can present differently, and ways to reduce sensory overload in school to help prevent overload and meltdowns. Tips on how to support students when they feel overwhelmed as well.

Autism and bereavement and loss

Learn how bereavement can affect different areas of a young personś psychology and life, and learn some strategies to help them through this period in their life.


Transition between year groups or lower and upper school can be a challenging change for all students. Students with a Special Educational Need may find this more challenging than others. Learn how to best handle these changes to make the transition as smooth as possible for your students and for the teachers involved.

Sensory disorders

Understand how sensory disorders affect the way that people see the world, and learn strategies to help your students overcome and use this difference to their advantage

ADHD and the classroom

How can we help students with ADHD to focus in lessons? Which areas of cognitive development are affected by ADHD? How can we manage behaviour and the learning enviornment for other students in the class too?